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It's that time of year!

I have always loved to decorate for the Holidays, (and I don’t just mean Christmas). Imagine

my surprise when I read Simone Weil's essay on the Lord’s Prayer while studying from my

spiritual classics book for lay school, “Besides actual food in the literal sense of the word, all

incentives are sources of energy for us. Money, ambition, consideration, decorations, celebrity,

power, our loved ones, everything that puts into us the capacity for action is like bread.” These

all make the daily bread of this world.

Decorations were listed!!! WOW!! I hope you enjoy the poem I wrote while living in a small condo in Florida. It is good

to be back in Wisconsin with a basement! God’s Blessings and Peace this Holiday Season, Sue Kerzisnik

My Christmas Stuff and Stuffing

The stuffing begins at Thanksgiving – eating it, doing it, with busyness and sweets.

All to fill myself up with more than just treats.

My stuffing lasts all the year through

with Christmas I have stuffed in cupboards, garage and under the beds too.

The memories of Christmas fall out of these places

all very fast as I open these spaces.

Christmas is under my bed most of the year. But it is always in my head long before it actually starts.

Downsizing has happened but not in this heart.

The gift of God’s Son fills me all the year through.

But at Christmas I’m stuffing my house with memories of Him too.

The star at the top of the tree reflects

the light of the world that touches me yet.

The manager beneath with baby inside

who broke all the rules so I will live and not die.

The Dickens Village with its tiny streets

remind me once more that life is not about treats.

GOD BLESS US EVERYONE hangs on the wall.

Made by an old friend... friends, some of the best memories of all.

Manger in the foyer, manger on the door,

a manger from Bethlehem, mangers from friends I adore.

The cross stitch and ceramic tree

handed down by family, with love for me.

School crafts the kids had made.

Memories of love that do not fade.

The Santa band that Mom gave me

reminding me of the gift that mothers are and music can be.

The stuffing will be all year for me,

long after I put away my Christmas tree.

God’s love is with me all the year through.

My head, my heart, my activities too.

And so, this poem comes to you

with a saying that reminds us what to do,

“To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth.”

And it all began with Jesus' birth.

This poem is stuffed with love for you,

the blessing that fills me all my life through.

And now I have written down my feelings for me and for all posterity.

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