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Let’s have some fun with flamingos!

Our first fundraiser for the National Youth Gathering is going to be Flocking.

What is flocking? Flocking is a fundraising effort where you nominate someone to get

“flocked” by a bunch of yard flamingos. We place a bunch of them in the yard of someone

who has been nominated with a sign that gives information about what we are fundraising for and how to get the flock removed. You can nominate a friend to be flocked by signing up on the kiosk in the narthex. There you will put their information.

Cost: To nominate a friend, it costs $25.00. Since we already have the flamingos, 100% of the money from this fundraiser will go to the funds being raised for the trip.

I don’t want to be flocked: Hey, we get it. Being flocked by a bunch of pink yard flamingos with reflectors in their bellies doesn’t sound like fun. Or you want to help the cause but are part of an HOA. We’ve got you covered with Christ the King Anti-Flocking Insurance! The insurance is $30 and lasts for 3 months. This will keep you flock-free for the duration of your insurance.

How long can we nominate?: Since it is a lot to set up dozens of flamingos, we are running this fundraiser until July, 2024. We will flock 1-2 homes per week.

How do we remove the flock? The flocks will have a yard sign with directions. Our number will be listed to call and there will be a bag attached to the sign for the nominee to put a small donation to have the flock picked up. We are not setting a minimum price to get the flamingos removed. Most people are happy to donate to a cause, especially when it’s youth related.

The congregation was so incredibly gracious supporting the Montana Backpacking trip and we wanted to present a few fundraisers through the year that would get the congregation excited to support our youth again. This is a fun and friendly way to get the word out to the community as well. Our congregation likes to have fun, be silly, and this is a great opportunity to have some fun while supporting the youth on their first year back at the gathering since the pandemic.

Let’s get ready to have a fun and silly fundraiser! Happy Flocking!

*Disclaimer: If you know someone won’t be happy being flocked, please choose another nominee. We want this to be in the spirit of fun, fellowship, and joy. If you do not want to be flocked and cannot afford the insurance, just let the office know that you need exemption and we will make sure that you are not flocked.

Vicar Sommer

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