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Lutheran’s Are Generous!

I’ve been watching the news in disbelief and fervently praying for peace to come out of Ukraine. More prayers are then shared for Russia to lay down their weapons and walk away, hopefully changed by the Spirit’s power of love for neighbor. Oh, how I wish I could stop the killing and free the innocent. I was asked in Tuesday Morning Bible Study “What can we do?” Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is a good place to start. 100% of all funds going to “Ukraine Match” will be used for the people of Ukraine.

How can we be generous? I share this example. The Tomorrow River Lutheran Parish in Amherst & Nelsonville said, “We need to do something.” So, one person put a challenge to raise $100,000 and they would match it with $100,000. That amount was quickly matched. Then LWR partnered in the challenge and the number was set at $300,000. Then that amount was raised. Then $400,000, and then $1,000,000! The impact of Lutheran congregations and individuals has now brought

this number to $3,000,000! This is why I say, “Lutheran’s are generous!” This number may seem huge, however when you think that there are 3 million + people displaced in neighboring countries, the need is far greater. All gifts, no matter of size, are encouraged and welcomed! Here is how you can bring God’s love to life by contributing either by mail or online:

Mail gifts to LWR, PO Box 17061, Baltimore, MD 21297. Write “Ukraine Match” in the memo line. Or

give at Thank you Tomorrow River Lutheran Parish for inspiring us to follow your example of generosity! Love cannot be outmatched!

Christ’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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