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We have a new online home!

Wowza, wowza-- I think we can all agree that since March 2020, we have been on a roller coaster of new life being created over and over and over again. At times it's been hard to keep up with the Holy Spirit and where she is blowing, but here we are...still standing together in the name of Christ! of the things that has been brewing over the last few months is this here NEW to us website! Don't worry-- it's the same address, just with a different look. After some thoughtful reflection, we realized awhile ago that our former website that was developed in 2019 was a beautiful website, reflected who we WERE pre-pandemic. As our ministry has changed, so has our need to have easy access to worship, to our COVID mitigation strategies, and to our online learning spaces. Simply put, our website became something new to us.

So this week we are proud to unveil this new space. In many ways we've simplified it, making it easier to get to the things we all need. This online space is designed with HOSPITALITY in mind. It's here to welcome those who are new-to-us, and perhaps even new-to-faith. Through this space, we hope to authentically communicate who we are and what we're about.

We hope you enjoy our new online home!

Now...speaking of home...

The season of Advent began last Sunday, November 28th! To learn more about Advent and what it's all about, check out this video here (but note it's from a Catholic source, and instead of purple, we use BLUE in our tradition).

This year our Advent theme is called Close to Home, and we are thrilled to be using resources from our ministry partners at A Sanctified Art. You'll see these resources through our words of worship, our prayers, artwork included in worship, and in the devotion books we have available for your enjoyment. the way if you haven't received that in your email yet, please feel free to connect with Tina ( to have it sent to you!

Anyway...we are so excited to be entering into this time of hopeful waiting along with you. Check back here weekly for music videos and extra inspiration to help keep your waiting joyful!

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