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My living room ceiling fan is temperamental. Sometimes it keeps on

whirring when I push the remote control off button. Occasionally the device stops

on a dime. Other times the only way to stop the fan is to turn off the wall switch.

The hit or miss operation has not been solved by checking the circuit and

changing the battery.

I like that fan to work on command. Circulating air cools, as well as

neutralizes smoke and smells. When this winged wonder is working properly, it’s

one of my ‘biggest fans.’

This week we celebrate Pentecost—an event of ‘winged wonder.’ 50 days

after Easter the church gathers in recognition of the Holy Spirit, often depicted as

a dove. After his death and resurrection, when Jesus ascended into heaven, no

dove appeared like at his baptism in the Jordan. He simply left this earth in an

upward flight. For the disciples this must have had a whirling effect. I can

imagine they were both amazed and sorrowful over his leaving them. How could

they carry on?

Well, Jesus didn’t leave his disciples hot and bothered, alone in doing the

work he had begun. He assured them the whirring wonder of dynamic energy

operating since the beginning of time would be with them. So it was that first

Pentecost the wind of the Spirit blew through their assembly.

Hearts were stirred, tongues were loosened and Christ’s mission was set

on fire. Over 2000 years the commission of early followers continued to fan

flames of ministry and service in Jesus’ Name. The Winged Wonder keeps on

calling, gathering and enlightening the faithful.

I’m thinking the Holy Spirit is like a ceiling fan. Plugged into Divine

Current, this third person of the Trinity fills our life spaces. At times it goes round

and round to help cool our jets, stirring the infinite love of God, clearing the air

and connecting the dots. Spirit doesn’t just pass over. It permeates every breath

and action, charging us to share Good News. Do you wonder how we can

possibly do that?

Obviously we don’t have wings to fly to the nations of the world—even

across the street to bear witness. But we do have the Winged Wonder to remind

us that in Christ Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit we are called Beloved.

Each of us is a unique created, redeemed, sanctified little fan of the Holy One.

Pastor Judy

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